Fix #1 – WOW!!

Well.. it’s here! My first Stitch Fix arrived! Am I excited? Heck yeah! Not too many women don’t like having clothes delivered to them, right?

I know what you are all saying. “But you are taking a chance buying online, dealing with returning, waiting for a refund..etc”.  Worry no more about those silly things.. Stitch Fix remedies all those worries. You don’t buy anything until after you receive it, try it on and decide if you’re going to keep it. They also send a pre-paid envelope for returns, no worries there.  And like I said before, you don’t pay for anything that was shipped until AFTER you get it and go on your account to tell Stitch Fix that you are keeping it.  Once you decide what you are keeping and what you are returning they tally up your purchases and you get your receipt.  You ship back what you don’t like… Waaaahhlaaaa…. buying awesome clothes has never been so easy!  By the way, did I mention that if you decide to purchase all 5 items you get 25% off you entire order! BAM.. take that Kohl’s Cash, Kohl’s coupons, Boston Store Capacity Days.. and all the other impossible to follow sales programs

So, back to my first shipment…

Fix #1

Item #1: Nene Striped Midi Dress

Verdict: Keepin’ It

When I pulled this out of the box I loved the feel… so, so soft.  I also loved the tight stripes on the top and the unique waistline.  When I held it up and saw the length I was like “oh..”.. until I tried it on and then I was like “OH!”.  I would never have bought this dress at the store because I always felt that the mid-calf length was unflattering.  I guess that’s why I’m not a stylist.. It’s very flattering, or at least I think so.

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Item #2: Freida Skinny Jeans

Verdict: Keepin’ it

I actually laughed when I pulled the jeans out… I thought to myself, “it takes me months to find a pair of jeans that actually fit me to a certain degree.. what makes Heather think she can blindly find a pair that will fit me??”  Well.. I am conviced that Heather snuck into my house in the middle of the night, made a mold of me and had a designer make a pair of jeans to fit me like a glove! AMAZING!! Guaranteed I will wear holes in these jeans!

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Item #3: Febe Crochet Detail Knit Top

Verdict: Keepin’ it

Very cute shirt with crochet down the shoulders.. what I didn’t realize until I put it on was that there are slits down the arm allowing skin to show.  Love that feature. It’s super cute with jeans and can easily be glammed up.

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Item #4: Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top

Verdict: Keepin’ it

Sweet Mosses smell the roses!  This plain looking shirt is so soft if feels as if it was made with clouds!  I can already see this being my ‘go-to’ shirt.

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Item #5: Alton Hammered Oval Earrings

Verdict: Keepin’ it

Classic, trendy and unique… yep.. all 3.  Love them.. they go with everything and I’ve worn them almost every day since I got them. Sorry.. no pic.

Like what you see??  Give it a whirl.. Stitch Fix

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